Who Is Bad Bunny Dating? Everything About Bunny’s Love Story

Bunny’s dating life has caught the interest of many fans, especially females. The rapper doesn’t hide his romance. So who is Bad Bunny dating? 

He and his partner, Gabriel Berlinger, share photos on their social media pages. By checking this post from El ultimo tour del mundo shop, you will learn about his relationship status and partner.

Now, let’s get started! 

Who Is Bad Bunny Dating? 

Bad Bunny, or Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, is a Puerto Rican rapper. He is now a well-known global Trap artist. This 27-year-old young man is undeniably a phenomenon among his peers.

This talented Trap singer is dating Gabriela Berlingeri. He never tried to hide his lover in order to gain fame.

Bunny announced to his fans that he would be releasing a new record in 2022. He keeps creating new content for fans before releasing the album.

He used TikTok to share short videos. Bad Bunny’s footage of drinking coffee begins the clip, which then transitions to New Year’s Eve.

Gabriela comes into the scene as he holds a champagne glass. While both sporting “2022” rimmed glasses, these two had some kisses.

Gabriela Berlingeri has been Bad Bunny’s girlfriend for over four years. The rapper shared that they first met at a dinner table with family in 2017.  

The rapper has been in a relationship for four years
The rapper has been in a relationship for four years

Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri Romance 

Four years is not a short time for a couple to cement their romance. With Benito, he uses four years to prove his love to his lady. 

How did they meet? What have they been doing together? We will highlight four stages in their relationship right here. 

First encounter

Bad Bunny had his fans convinced he was still single after his Saturday Night Live performance. However, things changed after an encounter. 

Bad Bunny dined out with his father and brother in Puerto Rico in 2017. He encountered Gabriel Berlingeri, a 27-year-old jewelry designer there. “We’ve been dating since then,” the singer of “Yo Perreo Sola” said after that event.

It must be the emotional aspects that made them fall in love with each other at the first sight and kept them side by side until now. 

Berlingeri also helped Bad Bunny record his 2018 collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, “Te Gusté.”

The two first met at a dinner with the family
The two first met at a dinner with the family

Going public

The two first showed up together in public for the first time in February 2020, in Miami, at a match between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat Game.

Fans also spot them a few days later at a Philadelphia game and Los Angeles Lakers. 

Before being shy about the topic, the Puerto Rican superstar admitted he was in a relationship. He reveals what he sought in a partner, which was honesty and trust.

Bad Bunny shared the first shot of him and his partner in a show in March 2021. He smuggled in a photo of his girlfriend at the very end of the slide. 

As the coronavirus outbreak forced people to quarantine, fans began to notice Berlingeri appeared more often in the rapper’s photo shoot.

They spent the lockdown time together. Bad Bunny said that this quarantine has made him understand that she was the best companion he could have. 

Benito also uploaded a video kissing his woman in April, shortly after publishing “Yo Perreo Sola.”

The couple is not shy to show their intimate moments
The couple is not shy to show their intimate moments

Music video debut

Although Bad Bunny has not invited Berlingeri to his music video, the two did share a beautiful moment in Residente’s beautiful “Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe” clip.

Benito didn’t open up about his girlfriend Gabriela and their relationship until his May “Rolling Stone” headline story.

Benito posted a humorous video on Instagram in June 2022, showing the two on a date, to publicize preparations for his second tour and details about his upcoming album. 

The red carpet debut at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2021 took their relationship to the next level.

The rapper wore a blue suit, a white shirt, and white shoes, while his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri chose a stunning multi-colored dress with a thigh-high slit and black high-heels. 

Music awards are formal events. The fact that Bad Bunny took his girlfriend there implies that he was trying to emphasize her appearance in this life. He also proved to the public the role of Berlingeri in his career. 


There were numerous hints that the two were engaging. For example, fans spotted Bad Bunny’s girlfriend wearing a large diamond on her ring finger in August 2021. 

Bad Bunny even carefully zoomed in on her gorgeous diamond in a clip she uploaded.

People also realized Benito was sporting a wedding band when shooting a commercial in Los Angeles. 

However, the rapper set the record straight on their engagement and even marriage rumors: They are not married. Their four-year relationship continues, and fans are waiting for a happy ending. 

They are in deep love but do not confirm their engagement
They are in deep love but do not confirm their engagement

Is Gabriel Bunny’s First Love? 

There is no information about the rapper’s first love. Bunny and Gabriel, though, appear to be close since they first met, spending quarantine together. 

The jewelry designer was the one that took pictures of her boyfriend. She is special to him and his strongest supporter while he is under duress.

He regularly posts sweet moments with his partner on social media. “En Casita” is one of his captions.

They even appeared in “Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe” in a love scene. To fans, they are a perfect couple. 

Closing Words

Bad Bunny has found the love of his life, Gabriela Berlingeri. They fell in love with each other after they first met and spent hard times together. 

It’s precious that the rapper doesn’t hide this relationship status. He even proudly shares his moments with his beautiful girlfriend. 

Hopefully, they will soon announce their engagement or marriage. Fans must be happy for them.