Everything About Bad Bunny Fashion [Famous Items & His Favorite Styles]

Bad Bunny fashion is a hot topic anytime he shows up. As a star in Latin-trap rap, he undoubtedly influences the public’s awareness of vogue.

Today, we will discuss the rapper’s famous items and his fashion sense. Then, you can try to dress like him to look cool.

Bad Bunny Fashion: Famous Items

No matter if Bad Bunny was attending American music awards or just walking down the street, Getty Images captured many iconic moments to highlight Bad Bunny’s fashion style.

Since the launch of his breakthrough single “Soy Peor,” the artist has had a slew of styles, all of which have a common thread of insanity and creativity.

The rapper likes bright colors, making him stand out even on the red carpet. Getty Images also took some pics of him in black outfits. Any photo on this site is badass.

Here are some of the most famous items that establish the rapper’s fashion image.

Channeling Yeezy

If there is one thing Ye and Bad Bunny have in common, it must be that they’re both not shy to experiment with their styles.

The Latin rapper is emulating his contemporary’s famous style in this shot. Getty Images has posted many such pictures and inspired rap fans.

With its massive moon-boot-like design, the Adidas YEEZY outfit doesn’t involve much dressing up, yet he managed to mix it with an equally fancy red tracksuit.

Big puffer jackets

Getty Images also found some moments of Bad Bunny in big puffer jackets, which are a popular item for rappers.

The boxy-fitting puffy jacket and wide-leg trousers combo look relatively conventional compared to some of the rapper’s previous shenanigans on the red carpet.

His futuristic boots, which resemble cushions for the feet, and a pair of retro-style sunglasses, though, guarantee that it is a design fitting the Puerto Rican artist.

Puffer jackets are popular items among rappers
Puffer jackets are popular items among rappers

Black coat

This case, according to Getty Images, is an example of a rapper not wearing a brightly colored suit but still shining.

A winning solution is to combine yellow elements with a predominately black suit. When fully clothed, the rapper turns out to be a real gentleman.

Bad Bunny has been playing with androgynous attire in his wardrobe, donning crop tops and even skirts. He continued his experiments at the Grammy Music Awards.

A long black coat he wrapped above the artist’s knee met the hem of his long black dress.

The artist only wore a Burberry hat, yellow-lensed eyeglasses, and a sunflower for accessories. They matched perfectly in the black color palette.

Clashing prints

And here is another example of Bad Bunny’s red carpet styling brilliance taken from Getty Images.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with this outfit because it’s so full of contrasts owing to the clashing patterns and colors.

JW Anderson’s woolen neckband keeps the artist’s neck warm. Meanwhile, a camp-collar shirt with three different graphics reveals the upper part of his chest.

The charm of this outfit is its chaos. If your denim jacket is getting old, try something different like this outfit.

Chaos is an interesting concept
Chaos is an interesting concept

Gucci Suit

Allessandro Michele’s flamboyant printed suit remained on the chart-topping artist in 2017 and 2018.

Getty Images could have chosen from a variety of Gucci moments, but in this case, he was casually standing alongside a red Ferrari that complements his red shoes to make a perfect flex.


The Puerto Rican singer-rapper rarely appears in public without a pair of sunglasses. Find any photo of him and you mostly see him with this accessory.

He makes the most of his obsession: The Bad Bunny sunglasses collection is broad and never dull.

You can easily see this accessory in his live performance outfits, Youtube music videos, and even his regular life. Getty Images has taken thousands of pictures of him wearing different items.

Some of the most well-known eyewear designers that the rapper has worn include:

  • Giorgio Armani
  • Moschino by Persol
  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Jacques Marie Mage
  • Tiffany & Co.

Getty Images assures that the list goes on and on. According to this web, a dynamic person like Bad Bunny can put on anything and make it look classy.

A pair of glasses is his signature
A pair of glasses is his signature

What Is Bad Bunny’s Fashion Style? 

It’s easy to identify the rapper’s favorite items if you know his styles, which include luxury, masculinity, and, notably mentioned, femininity.


As you see on Getty Images, Bad Bunny’s image is as diverse as the genres to which he refers to. The items that suit him most are:

  • The semi-nude women and golden chains that symbolize the mainstream rap;
  • The luxury streetwear and flash accessories made for Instagram;
  • The vividly patterned shirts and overall flamboyance that we can trace back decades to Puerto Rico’s dance scenes.

His favorite brands include Gucci and Adidas. Both of them are famous for their glossy outfits and accessories.

When attending formal events like the American Music Awards, the rapper, of course, chooses this way of mixing his clothes.


Luxurious accessories create a formal look
Luxurious accessories create a formal look


Hoodies, jeans, shorts, and coats all belong to this category. Bad Bunny puts on these items when he hangs out with friends, in his music videos, and sometimes for music awards. You can easily find a photo in this vibe on Getty Images.

Masculinity is the most frequent style that a cool person like him opts for, owing to its simplicity. However, he may customize his items to make them look badass.


Hoodies are an example of masculinity concept
Hoodies are an example of masculinity concept


The Puerto Rican singer wore women’s clothes to promote women’s rights in “Yo Perreo Sola,” the most badass MV.

When it comes to males in entertainment, embracing “feminine” aesthetics and the occasional hint of gender flexibility aren’t new.

For the sake of androgyny, numerous scenes and genres have pushed long hair and cosmetics while also allowing artists to play hyper-masculine rap star roles.

However, Bad Bunny’s stylistic risks are notable because they come with a Latin American masculine culture, where parents educate their sons from an early age to reject anything, even a little feminine.

From the collection of Getty Images, you can even see the artist wear a long, sexy dress with painted fingernails.

Bad Bunny rarely dresses in this style, but we honorably mentioned it because of its meaning and influence on society.


The rapper uses his outfits to support women's rights
The rapper uses his outfits to support women’s rights

Is Bad Bunny A Fashion Icon? 

Bad Bunny has been a well-known figure in the fashion industry for his aesthetic and presentation through apparel and accessories.

Bad Bunny is a Latin-trap rapper from Puerto Rico who has built a name for himself in the style and entertainment sectors. He’s become one of the most successful Latinx artists in just 3 years.

You can see him on stage, in his MVs, on Getty Images, wearing anything from acrylic nails, ornate sunglasses, flashy jewelry, and unique designs.

Bad Bunny takes on red carpets in this incredibly weird outfit. He even wore an SSS World Corp skull top with a third eye glued to his forehead to join the American Music Awards.

Final Words

Bad Bunny fashion reflects who this rap star is. Hence, you can easily notice a rebellious, cool, and manly vibe in his outfits.

Hopefully, this post has helped you picture how the rapper dresses, and he uses his fashion sense to get others’ attention.

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