Bad Bunny girlfriend – Gabriela Berlingeri and Carliz de la Cruz

Being a hip hop, trap star that he is, Bad Bunny is surely stealing the hearts of his female fans all over the globe. But not many know that Bad Bunny and his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, has been together for more than five years. Even as their wedding is still on the way, the couple appears to be one of those lovers who will eventually tie the knot. Continue reading to learn more about their beautiful love stories.

Gabriela Berlingeri’s background

Berlingerie was a 25-year old jewelry designer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her jewellery business, DICIEMBRE|VEINTINUEVE, was founded in 2019 and launched in 2020. According to Azteca, besides he career as a jewelry brand owner, Berlingeria also worked as models at local boutique stores, as well as assisting with Bad Bunny with his music. On a, album “Las Que No Iban a Salir”, the songs “En Casaita” or “In a Little House” have been credited with Berlingerie being the singer.

Berlingeri and Bad Bunny began dating in 2017

In an interview with the media, Bad Bunny revealed that he and Berlingeri met for the first time in a restaurant in Berlin in April 2017. During that night, Bad Bunny was playing a reggaeton concert. Shortly after, Bad Bunny officially split from his longtime girlfriend Carli De La Cruz in September. His fans have found out about Bad Bunny and his new girlfriend while searching for photos from his concerts. Fans believe she was Gabriela.

All about the recent outing of the couple

Back in 2020, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (Bad Bunny’s real name) was seen in public with his girlfriend in Florida. Later on, Bunny and Gabriela were photographed by paparazzis while relaxing and soaking up sun at Faena Miami Beach, a luxurious resort. After many speculations from both the press and global fans, the two finally went public shortly after.

In April 2020, while quarantining together in a Puerto Rico Airbnb in order to avoid infections, the couple usually posted photos of their daily updates, showing their times together. The photos went viral on Instagram, especially a video titled “Canción del Coronavirus”.

In addition to their social media postings, Bad Bunny and Gabriela attended several sporting events together in the same year. That’s not it, his beautiful girlfriend even collaborated with him on the song “En Casita,” featured on Las Que No Iban a Salir.

Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri’s relationship timeline is a wild ride

Sorry if this comes as a shock, but popular Puerto Rican rapper Benito Ocasio has been out of the market for years. Their debut is finally made and their relationship certain. It appears that Gabriela Berlingeri and Bad Bunny clearly have a good time together and really enjoy each other’s presence. Here are some of the most notable milestones in their relationship.

First met in El Comienzo

While dining with his father and brother in Puerto Rico in 2017, Bad Bunny met the now 28-year-old jewelry designer. “They’ve been dating ever since,” the singer of “Yo Perreo Sola” told Rolling Stone.

A secret collaborator

Bad Bunny’s girlfriend assisted him in recording his 2018 collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, “Te Gusté,” according to Bad Bunny in the same interview. “No one knows this, but Gabriela recorded references for J.Lo’s vocals when I did ‘Te Gusté,’ the song with J.Lo,” he explained.

Going public

Bad Bunny revealed his girlfriend Berlingeri mostly on his Instagram account. His longtime girlfriend was first photographed in public for the first time on Febuary 28, 2020, in Miami, at a game between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. They were also seen at the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles a few days later, on March 3.

Bad Bunny’s girlfriend first red carpet debut

Being happier than ever, Bad Bunny finally made an official debut with his longtime girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri At the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Bad Bunny wore a light blue suit, white dress shoes with a thick black sole, gold jewelry, and orange sunglasses on the red carpet. Berlingeri, a jewelry designer, model, and singer, wore a multicolored gown with a high slit and black studded stilettos.

Bad Bunny and Gabriela’s cute moments

During many of their dates, Bunny and his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri were captured by the paparazzis while sunbathing at a Miami beach. The duo chose a VIP cabana at Faena Miami Beach, a luxury hotel for their getaway. For their day out, Bunny opted for a cropped graphic tee with baby blue swimming trunks, shielding his face with a beige bucket hat.

Another notable moment is at a Miami Heat game, their first public appearance together. After that, Bad Bunny really confessed that “she is the best companion I could have”.

Did Bad Bunny and Berlingeri got married in his music video?

Just after dropping the new album Un Versano Sin Ti, the Puerto Rican rapper flew to Bronx to shoot “Tití Me Preguntó”, a mix between dembow and trap. The main idea of the song focuses on the idea of nosy relatives constantly asking younger people if they’re in a relationship — the chorus roughly translates to “My aunt asked me if I have a bunch of girlfriends” — and Bad Bunny delivers his lines impishly, basically letting everyone know he just wants to have fun: “Today one, tomorrow another, but there’s no wedding.”

However, while dancing on the street in the video, he is dragged into a van by a group of males wearing masks and taken out to an unknown location. He emerges from the vehicle dressed in finery and begins walking down the aisle, just as his best companion, Berlingeri appears in the sky and glides down to him in a bridal gown.

Despite all the signs shown in his music video, Bad Bunny and his best companion didn’t actually got married. From emotional aspects, the couple is perfect, but they might not be ready for an engagement.

Bad Bunny’s rumored girlfriends


Before his relationship with the current girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri, Bad Bunny also spread rumors with the Spanish-born singer, Rosalía, in 2019. Specifically, Bad Bunny posted pictures of them together, with the caption ‘I think I fell in love.’ Although the rumors were quickly quashed, they would later be briefly reignited in February 2021, after the release of their song La Noche De Anoche.

As usual, the two caused a lot of rumors, but they later explained that they have never started dating. Instead, it was a spontaneous moment that occured on stage.


About two years before Bad Bunny met the talented jewelry designer, he had shared a steamy moment on stage with the Argentina trap music star Cazzu, when the two kissed during their performance.

But rumors are just rumors. Later on in an interview, Cazzu confirmed that “nothing [happened between us],” she continued. “We had good energy and… We became friends. Good friends.” She went on to explain that although there was a connection between them, it was almost always about music.