Top 7 Bad Bunny meme you want to see

And there is no doubt that Bad Bunny is one of the most popular singers of the moment, placing himself on the list of the most listened-to artists on various music platforms. For example, recently, with his new album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, the Bad Bunny managed to position himself with the most listened-to album in the entire history of Spotify, breaking playback levels globally. Now, with his new single, part of the same album, Bad Bunny is again a trend on the internet. Below is the top 8 Bad Bunny meme you want to see.

1. The memes of Bad Bunny after he announces the World’s hottest tour

Bad Bunny announced on Monday, January 24, that he will give concerts in several countries with his World’s Hottest Tour, and netizens responded with the inevitable memes. In addition, he revealed that he would perform in Guatemala.

The memes of Bad Bunny after he announces the World’s hottest tour
The memes of Bad Bunny after he announces the World’s hottest tour

The US section will finish on September 30 just at SoFi Stadium throughout Los Angeles after visiting cities including Miami, Chicago, as well as New York. Then, the focus will shift to Latin America.

With the announcement of his tour, Bad Bunny’s admirers and detractors managed and put their touch of grace on social networks by sharing the inevitable memes.

2. Bad Bunny’s Met Gala look sparks meme

While some celebrities attracted attention for the right reasons, the appearances of others gave rise to hilarious memes on social networks.

Bad Bunny, a rapper who is 28 years old, made his Met Gala debut in 2022 wearing a Burberry outfit. He had a disheveled bun and jewel-encrusted hair accessories. He was wearing a boilersuit.

When his photos from the fashion show appeared online, internet users immediately compared his appearance to several cartoon characters.

Bad Bunny's Met Gala look sparks meme
Bad Bunny’s Met Gala look sparks meme

Although Bad Bunny’s outfit could be a turning point for androgynous fashion, internet users were very busy tracking down the rapper’s sources of inspiration.

In addition to drawing comparisons to Scooby Doo as well as Inspector Gadget, many people commented that Bad Bunny’s outfit made them think of young people attempting to enter an adult-only movie theater.

3. Bad Bunny releases a slew of MEMES in support of album “Un Verano sin ti”

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, premiered his new album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ this Friday, which generated euphoria among his millions of fans around the world, including, of course, Latin America, where he stands out as one of the most listened artists of the moment.

The release of this new album drove Puerto Rican fans crazy, who almost immediately placed the name of the singer, as well as the material, among the main trends on Twitter. ‘A summer without you’ is the artist’s fifth solo album and includes songs that have already positioned themselves among the most listened to since yesterday.

This is how the 28-year-old artist included songs on this album, such as: ‘The Marias’, ‘Rauw Alejandro’, ‘Jhay Cortez’, ‘Andrea’, among many more, songs that have a mixture of merengue and even pop. Without a doubt, this new album promises to surpass other previous successes, as it already happened in 2021 and 2020.

Bad Bunny releases a slew of MEMES
Bad Bunny releases a slew of MEMES

Suppose ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ achieves Bad Bunny’s success with previous record materials. The singer might then become known by Spotify as the platform’s greatest artist as a result of this new album.

From early this Friday, Bad Bunny became a trend in social networks, and, as expected, his name and new material were positioned as the most sought-after on various platforms.

In turn, celebrating this new material led Internet users to create hundreds of Bad Bunny memes, so here we show you the best. His album has 23 songs.

4. Bad Bunny recreates meme in his video ‘Neverita’

Through the YouTube platform, the official account of the singer Bad Bunny published his new video ‘Neverita’ which immediately became a success because, in addition to the fact that his fans are faithful to his music, he called attention because in one scene the Puerto Rican recreated a famous meme, which is why he is breaking the internet right now.

Available on his official YouTube account, in his new single ‘Neverita’, Bad Bunny refers to the audiovisual productions of the 90s. As part of it, he made a scene that recreates a popular ‘meme’.

Some time ago, the video of a child dancing inside a nightclub was around social networks. Wearing a blue shirt, jeans, and dark glasses, the little boy enjoyed the music moving peculiarly, which is why he went viral.

Bad Bunny recreates meme in his video Neverita
Bad Bunny recreates meme in his video Neverita

And now, through the music video ‘Neverita’, Bad Bunny brings us that memory back, recreating that child’s clothing and dancing with his same movements, for which the Puerto Rican broke the internet.

Besides, a video clip full of references to music from the 90s and even famous memes, which he recreated perfectly to give life to one of the most innovative videos of his career. Inspired by the classic Suavemente by Elvis Crespo, Bad Bunny has managed to impact his followers, who have made him a trend on social networks.

But “El Conejo Malo” was not only inspired by the Puerto Rican singer of the 90s, but Benito took one of the most famous videos on the internet, in which a boy with glasses dances feeling the music with all his being, and he recreated it perfectly.

The video of the boy dancing electronically began to go viral a few years ago when social networks started to have their worldwide explosion. To date, it has remained one of Internet users’ favorites.

This did not go unnoticed by Bad Bunny, who decided to pay him a well-deserved tribute; The Puerto Rican dressed like him and even put on his iconic glasses to do it perfectly. This video has already impacted all social networks where Internet users have shown their amazement and gratitude for transporting them to their childhoods.

5. The memes of the Bad Bunny concerts in Mexico

Bad Bunny announced that he would bring two dates of the World’s Hottest Tour to Mexico, which caused great excitement among his fans in the country and, at the same time, generated a wave of funny Bad Bunny memes.

Although there are two large venues, a spectacular crowd is expected, so many have already shared fun images showing what they are willing to do to get a ticket.

The pre-sale of the Bad Bunny concerts in Mexico will begin on February 8 and 9. The final prices have not yet been published, but they are expected to be high. For this reason, many have made Bad Bunny memes hoping someone would invite them.

Also, the fans of the “DAKITI” singer have created some funny images about the possible difficulty of getting a ticket to see him live since the demand will be very high.

In addition, some have insistently asked him through Twitter, the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, to get Bad Bunny to give a concert in the CDMX Zócalo.

6. MEMES remember ‘A Tu Merced’ 

In addition to the United States Independence Day, this July 4, memes on social networks remembered ‘A Tu Merced’, one of Bad Bunny’s great songs.

This July 4th marks the Independence Day of the United States of America. However, Spanish-speaking reggaeton fans are also partying, as it is the ideal date to commemorate ‘A Tu Merced’, one of the great songs of BadBunny.

MEMES remember A Tu Merced
MEMES remember A Tu Merced

Amid the Independence celebrations of the North American country, social networks have been flooded with all kinds of Bad Bunny MEMES and reactions that recall one of the lines from ‘A Tu Merced’. This song appears on one of Bad Bunny’s recent record releases. 

2020, undoubtedly, was the year of the reggaeton player originally called Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, who was not satisfied with only publishing an album for his followers but also released three studio compilations full of hits and hits that led the popularity charts.

One of these materials was ‘YHLQMDLG’, a title obtained from the reduction to acronyms of the phrase ‘I Do What I Want’. This work was published at the end of February last year and shocked the world music industry with the number of songs that would take Bad Bunny to the top.

And that has ignited the spirits of Bad Bunny’s listeners on Twitter. Between apologies for failing the singer, laments of loneliness, confusion, new plans to comply with what the melody dictates, and more, we leave you with the best MEMES that have emerged from ‘A Tu Merced’, below.

7. Bad Bunny shares meme with criticism about the country’s situation

The urban exponent, Bad Bunny, shared a meme on social networks this Sunday about the situation with government agencies in Puerto Rico while the governor plays volleyball.

The artist’s post on Instagram coincides with the celebration of the PNP Convention, which coincides with the return to school and the constant blackouts of LUMA Energy in recent days.

At his concert at the Coliseo on July 28, the so-called Bad Bunny expressed his feelings towards LUMA and Pierluisi. The artist was vocal in the protests of the summer of 2019 that culminated in the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló as governor.