Bad Bunny Tattoo: How Rappers And Tattooing Relate?

Have you ever noticed the Bad Bunny tattoo? Why do many rappers have such artwork on their skin?

Artists use these images to express their personalities. You can also try this experience to renew your style. 

Today, El ultimo tour del mundo shop will explain how a tattoo can reflect oneself and recommend some tattooing ideas inspired by Bad Bunny.

Let’s read on to discover! 

Does Bad Bunny Have Any Tattoo?

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, widely known as Bad Bunny, may appear tattoo-free at first glance. The artist “Yo Perreo Sola” does, though, have one tattoo.

When this Puerto Rican rapper shared NSFW photographs on Instagram, fans looked closely at Benito’s rarely spotted ink on his thigh. The Bad Bunny tattoo is a palm tree with the sun behind it. 

So, Bad Bunny has a matching tattoo with his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri. Her palm symbol is on her right arm. 

Unlike many other rappers who are full of tattoos, Bad Bunny doesn’t like this idea. Instead, he uses his songs, videos, and fashion to express his self-esteem. 

Ideas For Bad Bunny Tattoo 

Although the “Soy Peor” singer only has one pattern tattooed, his style and vibe perfectly match this artwork. 

If you are his big fan and intend to visit a tattooist, the following ideas about Bad Bunny tattoos must be what you need to check beforehand. 

Bad Bunny face

The best way to prove that you are crazy about Bad Bunny is to have his image tattooed on your body. 

You can search for tons of designs for a Bad Bunny tattoo on any internet browser or Instagram. 

Otherwise, choosing a moment that you like the most will make your design impressive and unique. 

This Latin trap songwriter with his glasses is undoubtedly the most requested Bad Bunny tattoo because everyone can easily recognize it from first sight. 

You may also like Bad Bunny’s iconic third eye. This Latin artist always catches attention when he shows up in public, and the third eye is one of his most famous signatures. 

The bunny

Try this Bad Bunny tattoo if you don’t want a person inked on your skin. The rabbit can help convey your thoughts symbolically.

This rabbit may look cute, aggressive, or happy, depending on the design you choose. How do you want it to symbolize what you want to express?

Have these images on your skin
Have these images on your skin

Bad Bunny’s third eye

As mentioned previously, the third eye is among Bad Bunny’s most iconic moments. So, without mentioning his name, you can remind everyone of him with the eye. 

The Bad Bunny tattoo design won’t look weird or scary, as you may think, as long as you search for the cartoon version. 

The palm tree

Why don’t you have a matching figure with Benito? This Bad Bunny tattoo shows that you are a real fan and have something in common with your idol.

Aside from this purpose, you can search for this Bad Bunny tattoo with other meanings. The appearance of the palm quickly conjures up images of the beach, water, and the tranquility of a simpler life.

Someone who is constantly working and wants more relaxation can get a palm tattooed as a reminder to slow down now and then.

The palm symbolizes tranquility
The palm symbolizes tranquility

Why Do Many Rappers Have Tattoos?  

Artists like Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Ghostmane, XXX Tentation, and Migos having tattoos didn’t have a massive influence until the mid-2016s when trap music became more popular.

These artists decided to support the trend, leading to a surge in the popularity of obtaining a tattoo.

The image of rap and hip-hop has changed dramatically in recent years due to the big impact that SoundCloud has had on rappers’ path to fame.

Many creative reasons explain why so many rappers have their bodies tattooing, and they all make sense. 


Tattoos are popular among rappers because they allow them to focus only on their music and jobs.

Tatts have become increasingly popular as a result of this reason, as well as the invasion of rap and hip-hop culture into mainstream media.

For example, Eminem’s tatts pay tribute to the people who mean the most to him and act as a motivation for how far he’s progressed in the music business.

Eminem has at least nine of them, each of which has a specific significance or memory related to it. He also has an image of his daughter Hailie Jade inked on his arm.

The artwork helps people focus on their jobs


If you’re a rap fan, you’ve probably discovered that rappers these days have tattoos that make them easily recognizable.

Their tats might represent anything from arcane wisdom to gang culture, which could be an effective way of marketing.

This type of body art serves as both a symbol of a personal journey and a dramatic marketing strategy to gain more fame and attention from the ads.

Rather than symbolizing gang culture, crime, and violence, our modern-day artists have given tatts a whole new meaning, such as misery, confession, or motivation. 


Tattooing makes you hurt, no matter where it is on your skin. On the other hand, our skin is extremely sensitive to any form of pain since it is densely packed with nerve cells. 

Rap artists use ink to express their physical and mental strength. They give a dominant impression towards other people who do not have such art by showing theirs.

If you have more flesh and muscle between your bones and skin, things will be less painful for you. 

Tattooing is not an easy process
Tattooing is not an easy process


Most rappers want to get their bodies tattooed because this art form reflects who they are as artists. 

Although a few rappers’ tattoos may resemble one another, it is a statement of their distinct culture, and they portray themselves through the artwork on their bodies.

Emotional component

The emotional meaning of the art is also quite important among artists who take inspiration for their works from their feelings. 

When a rapper gets his skin tattooed, it shows that he has experienced emotional ups and downs in his life.

Rap and rock artists believe that these patterns are the best answer to their problems, helping them overcome their hardships. 

Often, when we feel stressed, we change something in the hope of changing our moods, such as cutting hair or tattooing. The artists choose the second method to represent their lives. 

Such artworks do not always bring out a negative mood. Many artists ink their mother’s name on their bodies to show their respect and love. 

In the case of Bad Bunny tattoos, he gets his thigh inked for his girlfriend. The pattern looks cute and funny instead of aggressive like many others. 


According to a recent survey, having a tattoo promotes self-confidence and self-esteem.

The more tats you get, the more you’ll enjoy the image of yourself when looking in the mirror. 

Many artists agree with this idea, stating that such artworks taught them to accept and support themselves. 

The tattooed artists also claim that they have gained self-control as a result of their markings.

The art makes people more confident
The art makes people more confident

Which Rappers Are Tattoo-Free?

Tattooing is a great way for rappers to express their feelings and reflect their soul. However, not all of them have such artwork on their skin. 


T.I. Tip is a rapper, composer, and entrepreneur. His gangster style contributes to his cool image. Yet, surprisingly, the rapper never inks himself. 

Big Sean

Big Sean has worked with the biggest stars and is a fantastic rapper, but he hasn’t tried tattooing. 


Tracy Lauren Marrow, commonly known by his stage name Ice-T, is an American rapper, composer, and actor.

Before becoming an artist, Ice- T worked as a thief. Yet, he never got inked on his body.

J Cole

J Cole is notable for numerous disciplinary traits, such as not using drugs and smoking. But it’s the zero tattoos that we are talking about right now. 

Lil baby

Lil baby doesn’t want everyone to see him as a bad buy. Hence, tattooing may not be a good idea for him. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dig into this topic deeper with the following answers and questions! 

1. Does Bad Bunny have a tattoo on his face?

No, Bad Bunny doesn’t have his face tattooed. He only has one, and the Bad Bunny tattoo is on one of his thighs. 

2. Does Jay Z have a tattoo?

Jay-Z and his wife, Beyoncé, had matching tattoos. You may see the Roman number four tattooed on their ring fingers in red ink.  

3. What does a bunny tattoo represent? 

Bunny tats are a sign of good luck and wealth. They also refer to the wearer’s love of nature.

In some countries, the tat has symbolic value relating to fertility, physical power, and the divine presence in the environment.

Final Words 

Tattooing helps you reflect on yourself or show your feelings towards somebody. In the case of the Bad Bunny tattoo, he simply has a matching figure with his spouse. 

Another example is that Bad Bunny fans ink his image on their skin. They want to express how much they love their idol.

Tattooing is popular now. We hope that you make a thoughtful decision on this experience. For any further information, please feel free to ask. 

Thank you for reading!