Where is Bad Bunny from?

A Puerto Rican musician and songwriter Bad Bunny created the first Spanish-language song to top the Billboard 200. In contrast to earlier acts, who decided to switch to English to increase their fan bases, he succeeded while also writing and trying to sing in his native Spanish. So, where is Bad Bunny from?

1. Where is Bad Bunny from? His early life, family, and education

Bad Bunny hails from the Vega Baja neighborhood of Almirante Sur in Puerto Rico. He has gained recognition for his deep, slurred vocal range as well as his eccentric sense of style. He is widely credited with popularizing reggaeton as well as trap music on a global scale.

The rapper was born on March 10, 1994, in Puerto Rican. This site is located about 30 miles west of San Juan. Bad Bunny grew up in a lower-middle-class home in the Almirante Sur district of Vega Baja. His mother taught English, as well as his father drove a truck. Bernie, as well as Bysael, are his younger brothers.

Where is Bad Bunny from
Where is Bad Bunny from

Young Bad Bunny enjoyed reggaeton, a genre that combines hip-hop as well as reggae, and he favored artists like Daddy Yankee and Vico C. On occasion, he was able to listen to Tego Calderón while driving to school. In addition to rock as well as salsa, Bad Bunny enjoyed merengue. His favorite band at one point was the Bee Gees.

Until he was 13 years old, Bad Bunny participated in the choir of his neighborhood Catholic church. After that, he focused on producing his beats in his house and freestyling in class.

Bad Bunny studied audio and visual communication major at the University of Puerto Rico – Arecibo Campus Universidad de Puerto Rico. He left the university, though, to concentrate entirely on his recording career. In order to pay his bills, he began working as a bagger at the nearby grocery store. He was focusing on his music production at the same time.

2. Did you know about Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny claims that the reason he chose his stage name was that he was forced to attend school as a child dressed in a bunny costume. He came across a photo of himself in the bunny outfit, which served as the source of his name. A photograph of the incident and the man’s enraged expression was taken. When thinking of a stage name, the picture appeared in my head. Bunny also appreciates the bad boy connotation that a word such as Bad Bunny carries.

Did you know about Bad Bunny
Did you know about Bad Bunny?

“Por Siempre” is referred to as X 100PRE in Spanish. It denotes “forever.” On December 24, 2018, X 100PRE was released by Bad Bunny. The singles “Estamos Bien,” “MIA (feat. Drake),” as well as “Caro” are all from his debut album.

As a trans ally, Bad Bunny uses his platform to combat homophobia. In February 2020, he appeared on Jimmy Fallon to perform “Ignorantes,” wearing a black skirt as well as a shirt that read, “Mataron an Alexa, no its a hombre con falda.” This translates to “Alexa was killed, not a guy in a skirt.” A transgender woman from Puerto Rico named Alexa Negrón Luciano was killed not long after images of her being interrogated by police after she used a women’s restroom went viral online.