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Who Is Bad Bunny Dating? Everything About Bunny’s Love Story

The rapper has been in a relationship for four years

Bunny’s dating life has caught the interest of many fans, especially females. The rapper doesn’t hide his romance. So who is Bad Bunny dating? 

He and his partner, Gabriel Berlinger, share photos on their social media pages. By checking this post from El ultimo tour del mundo shop, you will learn about his relationship status and partner.

Now, let’s get started! 

Who Is Bad Bunny Dating? 

Bad Bunny, or Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, is a Puerto Rican rapper. He is now a well-known global Trap artist. This 27-year-old young man is undeniably a phenomenon among his peers.

This talented Trap singer is dating Gabriela Berlingeri. He never tried to hide his lover in order to gain fame.

Bunny announced to his fans that he would be releasing a new record in 2022. He keeps creating new content for fans before releasing the album.

He used TikTok to share short videos. Bad Bunny’s footage of drinking coffee begins the clip, which then transitions to New Year’s Eve.

Gabriela comes into the scene as he holds a champagne glass. While both sporting “2022” rimmed glasses, these two had some kisses.

Gabriela Berlingeri has been Bad Bunny’s girlfriend for over four years. The rapper shared that they first met at a dinner table with family in 2017.  

The rapper has been in a relationship for four years
The rapper has been in a relationship for four years

Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri Romance 

Four years is not a short time for a couple to cement their romance. With Benito, he uses four years to prove his love to his lady. 

How did they meet? What have they been doing together? We will highlight four stages in their relationship right here. 

First encounter

Bad Bunny had his fans convinced he was still single after his Saturday Night Live performance. However, things changed after an encounter. 

Bad Bunny dined out with his father and brother in Puerto Rico in 2017. He encountered Gabriel Berlingeri, a 27-year-old jewelry designer there. “We’ve been dating since then,” the singer of “Yo Perreo Sola” said after that event.

It must be the emotional aspects that made them fall in love with each other at the first sight and kept them side by side until now. 

Berlingeri also helped Bad Bunny record his 2018 collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, “Te Gusté.”

The two first met at a dinner with the family
The two first met at a dinner with the family

Going public

The two first showed up together in public for the first time in February 2020, in Miami, at a match between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat Game.

Fans also spot them a few days later at a Philadelphia game and Los Angeles Lakers. 

Before being shy about the topic, the Puerto Rican superstar admitted he was in a relationship. He reveals what he sought in a partner, which was honesty and trust.

Bad Bunny shared the first shot of him and his partner in a show in March 2021. He smuggled in a photo of his girlfriend at the very end of the slide. 

As the coronavirus outbreak forced people to quarantine, fans began to notice Berlingeri appeared more often in the rapper’s photo shoot.

They spent the lockdown time together. Bad Bunny said that this quarantine has made him understand that she was the best companion he could have. 

Benito also uploaded a video kissing his woman in April, shortly after publishing “Yo Perreo Sola.”

The couple is not shy to show their intimate moments
The couple is not shy to show their intimate moments

Music video debut

Although Bad Bunny has not invited Berlingeri to his music video, the two did share a beautiful moment in Residente’s beautiful “Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe” clip.

Benito didn’t open up about his girlfriend Gabriela and their relationship until his May “Rolling Stone” headline story.

Benito posted a humorous video on Instagram in June 2022, showing the two on a date, to publicize preparations for his second tour and details about his upcoming album. 

The red carpet debut at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2021 took their relationship to the next level.

The rapper wore a blue suit, a white shirt, and white shoes, while his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri chose a stunning multi-colored dress with a thigh-high slit and black high-heels. 

Music awards are formal events. The fact that Bad Bunny took his girlfriend there implies that he was trying to emphasize her appearance in this life. He also proved to the public the role of Berlingeri in his career. 


There were numerous hints that the two were engaging. For example, fans spotted Bad Bunny’s girlfriend wearing a large diamond on her ring finger in August 2021. 

Bad Bunny even carefully zoomed in on her gorgeous diamond in a clip she uploaded.

People also realized Benito was sporting a wedding band when shooting a commercial in Los Angeles. 

However, the rapper set the record straight on their engagement and even marriage rumors: They are not married. Their four-year relationship continues, and fans are waiting for a happy ending. 

They are in deep love but do not confirm their engagement
They are in deep love but do not confirm their engagement

Is Gabriel Bunny’s First Love? 

There is no information about the rapper’s first love. Bunny and Gabriel, though, appear to be close since they first met, spending quarantine together. 

The jewelry designer was the one that took pictures of her boyfriend. She is special to him and his strongest supporter while he is under duress.

He regularly posts sweet moments with his partner on social media. “En Casita” is one of his captions.

They even appeared in “Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe” in a love scene. To fans, they are a perfect couple. 

Closing Words

Bad Bunny has found the love of his life, Gabriela Berlingeri. They fell in love with each other after they first met and spent hard times together. 

It’s precious that the rapper doesn’t hide this relationship status. He even proudly shares his moments with his beautiful girlfriend. 

Hopefully, they will soon announce their engagement or marriage. Fans must be happy for them.

Bad Bunny Eye: The Story Behind That You Don’t Know

Bad Bunny Eye: The Story Behind That You Don’t Know

If you are a fan of rappers, it is impossible not to know Bad Bunny. He is a famous rapper with many top-recognized works.

Amazingly talented, he has collaborated with many favorite artists in the world. To learn more about him, let’s explore the story of Bad Bunny’s eye with me.

Who Is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny

To start with Bad Bunny’s eye story, let’s learn who he is. Bad Bunny is the stage name often mentioned by Benito Martínez. On March, 1994, he was born a Puerto Rican male singer and rapper.

As a famous artist, he has collaborated with many people, such as J Balvin, Ozuna, ads Farruko, and Resident started talking.

In his youth, he was a huge reggaeton fan, a genre of music that blends reggae and hip-hop. His idols are Vico C and Daddy Yankee, and he also likes some Bee Gees with similar technologies.

On Christmas Eve 2018, he released his X 100PRE, which is the debut album. The album climbed to number one on the Top Albums chart very early. And yet, X 100PRE ads is also rated as the Latin for Best Music album with ads.

A year later, he teamed up with reggaeton and rapper star J Balvin to release an EP titled Oasis. In 2020, he got a new album called YHLQMDLG.

In addition, this year, Bad Bunny continuously released many albums and songs that received high support from everyone.

At the end of 2020, Spotify recommend Bad Bunny the best artist of year when his stream had 8 billion views by social account settings.

Inadvertently spawned bad bunny’s music showcases his outstanding talent and contains conscious settings. On The Tonight Show, for example, he used “Estamos Bien” to remind us that many homes in Puerto Rico was still with power after the 2017 hurricane.

Bad Bunny Eye Meaning

Eye Meaning
Eye Meaning

The eye is an integral part of Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio: the third eye.

Specifically, last fall, at the American Music Awards, he appeared on the red carpet and performed Cardi B’s “I Like It” with J Balvin. His image consists of a third eye glued to his forehead. This image quickly became widely recognized.

However, Bad Bunny’s aesthetic is first combined with the bad bunny’s third eye through the San Juan concert poster. It is where the bright and fiery combination eye of arrows and paths revolves around the rapper’s imager by browser.

Overall, the face is dissected into distinct patches, accompanied by a prominent convex eyeball. The work delivered as a whole is the literal expression of an out-of-body shape experience melting into the mind. Vazquez is the author of this poster settings. 

He also drew a picture on his portfolio. Although it was just a sketch on liquid paper on a black background, he was immediately noticed and discussed plans to make artwork for his ads album.

Although this is not the first time illustrating musicians, this time, Vazquez accidentally inspired Benito and made a mark on his career path.

Many people today prefer the third one and Vazquez’s style, perhaps because Benito embraced it with sign.


To better understand this famous artist and his brand icon, we answer some frequently asked questions below. Check it out for now!

Does Bad Bunny have 3 eyes?

The cover of the X 100PRE ads album featured a third eye on his forehead, which quickly became an integral part. So to celebrate, Bad Bunny has announced a unique fashion statement with the wisdom of his third eye, “El Ojo”.

What blew up Bad Bunny?

What caused him to blow was the breakthrough single called “Soy Peor.” Shortly after its release in late 2016, he had the opportunity to collaborate with Cardi B and Drake on the singles “I Like It” and “Mia. The work entered the US Billboard Hot 100 at No. number one. Since then, he has become a famous star advertising.

What’s Bad Bunny’s real name?

His real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio.


Above is all about the eye. The third eye marks Bad Bunny’s fashion breakthrough and affirms the uniqueness of his style. Hopefully, the information I share will help you better understand this rapper.

If you have any other related questions, don’t forget to leave a comment in our section below. We will try to give you the most accurate and timely answer.

Don’t forget to share this article to your friends or relatives who may be fans of this hit rapper.

Most Iconic Bad Bunny Outfits – How Does The Rapper Define His Fashion?

Bad Bunny outfits steal the spotlight anytime he shows up. What makes his items so impressive? What does he often dress?

The Puerto Rican rapper goes for a unique concept. He likes colorful things and uses his fashion to reflect his personality. 

Today, El ultimo tour del mundo shop will have a look at the rapper’s most famous items and his sense of fashion. Let’s join us! 

Most Iconic Bad Bunny Outfits 

Rappers usually dress up uniquely. Whether you like them or not, you will find them attractive. 

Here are some of the most iconic items introduced to the public by this famous rapper. 

Gucci suits

According to Getty Images, Benito looks hot in Gucci suits. He has tried a lot of designs from this brand, and each establishes a completely different vibe. 

For example, Getty Images took a picture of him attending the Grammy Music Awards in 2021. Benito wore a long black Gucci suit, turning into an elegant gentleman. 

At the 2017 Latin American Music Awards, Bad Bunny wore an elaborate floral suit for himself to walk on the red carpet. He undoubtedly stood out on the red carpet with the hot suit. 


Getty Images suggests that hoodies are a common item for rappers, aside from the suit. You can even find official hoodies with Bad Bunny’s signatures printed. 

Benito wears such items in this daily life when hanging out with his friends or walking around the street. Their virality makes them easily accessible. 

If you are a big fan of the rapper, do not hesitate to find a reliable retailer website and grab one. 

Buy a hoodie and dress like your idol
Buy a hoodie and dress like your idol

Furry coats

The futuristic fuzzy cloak he wore on the red carpet to the 2019 Latin Grammy Music Awards made him the best-dressed artist in the Capitol.

Neon clothing

Watching his collection on Getty Images, you may notice that Benito loves vivid colors and adds some to his wardrobe. Nothing is better than neon hues for this idea.

The pictures from Getty Images shows that even when the rapper only wears a simply-designed jacket, it still helps him stand out with the neon color. 

The third eye

The Latin artist added the third eye aspect into his characteristic peeled-apart portraits with protruding eyeballs.

According to Getty Images, the whole feeling of this signature is eerily similar to a mind-melting, out-of-body adventure.

The third eye is a viral icon
The third eye is a viral icon


How Fashion Reflects Bad Bunny’s Personalities? 

We use fashion style to illustrate who we are, and, of course, so does Bad Bunny. From what he dresses, we can refer to his personalities in five different aspects: 


Getty Images affirms that Benito expresses his openness attribute in modern, liberal thinking and overall open-mindedness. 

We all can feel this rapper has a high level of openness. He’s been a supporter of the LGBTQ community for years.

Same-sex couples or transgender women have appeared in his videos, showing his views on sexuality and gender.

Getty Images loves the fact that the super star doesn’t mind painting his nails, wearing bright clothes, or dressing up as a woman in his music videos.

Ocasio’s fashion style is equally dynamic, unique, and experimental. He strides about in a flowery Gucci outfit in the “Chambea” video or “El Conejo” album, rapping about getting out of the box.


Being meticulous or diligent is a character attribute known as conscientiousness. It expresses a commitment to accomplish a project effectively and to take responsibility for others sincerely.

We wouldn’t instantly associate Benito’s bold aesthetic with the conscientious look. He should put on a business or plain vibe for this term. 

However, Getty Images claims that the rapper clearly puts a lot of attention and organization into his outfit, especially when he comes to American Music Awards. 

Colorful items can express the openness trait
Colorful items can express the openness trait


Getty Images sees Benito as a self-described introvert but dresses like he is an aggressive extrovert.

The rap star would love to go down the street in his shorts and flip-flops and get a drink at the local bar without bothering anyone looking. 

His clothing suggests that he is finally, at the very least, at ease with the world’s sight and judgment.  


YHLQMDLG, Benito’s second album, affirms what everyone already knows: Benito doesn’t care. 

When it comes to your beliefs, are you willing to go against the trend, not join in, and freely argue with others? This kind of attitude is what “agreeableness” means. 

Getty Images says that Benito is his own character, and he dresses in patterns on prints that you may not understand.  


Neuroticism often comes with negative emotions. Hence, it has a poor reputation, yet it is very important for musical creativity. 

Ocasio, who has been honest about his anxiety, matches the description of someone with a higher level of this trait. 

Getty Images notices that the rap star dresses in a lot of bright colors, patterns, and odd details, which is the exact opposite of the all-black concept. 

Benito may be aware of the idea of enclothed perception. It claims that apparel may influence one’s attitude and cognition. So, he takes advantage of it. 

What you wear affects how you think
What you wear affects how you think

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers will give you more interesting information about this famous Latin rapper’s style. Let’s check! 

1. Why does Bad Bunny dress like girls?

In “Yo Perreo Sola,” the Puerto Rican musician dresses up in drag to support women’s rights.

The song, which means “I twerk alone,” is about a lady who loves to dance reggaeton by herself and does not need others at the club.

2. Is Bad Bunny a fashion icon?

Yes. Getty Images has claimed that The Latin rapper is a well-known figure in the fashion industry for his aesthetic and expression style via his outfit and accessory. He always catches attention when attending music awards.  

3. What is Bad Bunny’s aesthetic? 

His fashion aesthetic appears as flexible as the musicians and genres he relates to, which is luxurious, flashy, and one-of-a-kind.

Final Words

Bad Bunny outfits have gained a lot of recognition because of their popularity and the aesthetics of the items themselves. 

The rapper mixes different items for certain occasions. All of them help him reflect on himself and speak up for himself. 

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. We will get back to you soon. Thank you for reading!

Bad Bunny Tattoo: How Rappers And Tattooing Relate?

The art makes people more confident

Have you ever noticed the Bad Bunny tattoo? Why do many rappers have such artwork on their skin?

Artists use these images to express their personalities. You can also try this experience to renew your style. 

Today, El ultimo tour del mundo shop will explain how a tattoo can reflect oneself and recommend some tattooing ideas inspired by Bad Bunny.

Let’s read on to discover! 

Does Bad Bunny Have Any Tattoo?

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, widely known as Bad Bunny, may appear tattoo-free at first glance. The artist “Yo Perreo Sola” does, though, have one tattoo.

When this Puerto Rican rapper shared NSFW photographs on Instagram, fans looked closely at Benito’s rarely spotted ink on his thigh. The Bad Bunny tattoo is a palm tree with the sun behind it. 

So, Bad Bunny has a matching tattoo with his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri. Her palm symbol is on her right arm. 

Unlike many other rappers who are full of tattoos, Bad Bunny doesn’t like this idea. Instead, he uses his songs, videos, and fashion to express his self-esteem. 

Ideas For Bad Bunny Tattoo 

Although the “Soy Peor” singer only has one pattern tattooed, his style and vibe perfectly match this artwork. 

If you are his big fan and intend to visit a tattooist, the following ideas about Bad Bunny tattoos must be what you need to check beforehand. 

Bad Bunny face

The best way to prove that you are crazy about Bad Bunny is to have his image tattooed on your body. 

You can search for tons of designs for a Bad Bunny tattoo on any internet browser or Instagram. 

Otherwise, choosing a moment that you like the most will make your design impressive and unique. 

This Latin trap songwriter with his glasses is undoubtedly the most requested Bad Bunny tattoo because everyone can easily recognize it from first sight. 

You may also like Bad Bunny’s iconic third eye. This Latin artist always catches attention when he shows up in public, and the third eye is one of his most famous signatures. 

The bunny

Try this Bad Bunny tattoo if you don’t want a person inked on your skin. The rabbit can help convey your thoughts symbolically.

This rabbit may look cute, aggressive, or happy, depending on the design you choose. How do you want it to symbolize what you want to express?

Have these images on your skin
Have these images on your skin

Bad Bunny’s third eye

As mentioned previously, the third eye is among Bad Bunny’s most iconic moments. So, without mentioning his name, you can remind everyone of him with the eye. 

The Bad Bunny tattoo design won’t look weird or scary, as you may think, as long as you search for the cartoon version. 

The palm tree

Why don’t you have a matching figure with Benito? This Bad Bunny tattoo shows that you are a real fan and have something in common with your idol.

Aside from this purpose, you can search for this Bad Bunny tattoo with other meanings. The appearance of the palm quickly conjures up images of the beach, water, and the tranquility of a simpler life.

Someone who is constantly working and wants more relaxation can get a palm tattooed as a reminder to slow down now and then.

The palm symbolizes tranquility
The palm symbolizes tranquility

Why Do Many Rappers Have Tattoos?  

Artists like Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Ghostmane, XXX Tentation, and Migos having tattoos didn’t have a massive influence until the mid-2016s when trap music became more popular.

These artists decided to support the trend, leading to a surge in the popularity of obtaining a tattoo.

The image of rap and hip-hop has changed dramatically in recent years due to the big impact that SoundCloud has had on rappers’ path to fame.

Many creative reasons explain why so many rappers have their bodies tattooing, and they all make sense. 


Tattoos are popular among rappers because they allow them to focus only on their music and jobs.

Tatts have become increasingly popular as a result of this reason, as well as the invasion of rap and hip-hop culture into mainstream media.

For example, Eminem’s tatts pay tribute to the people who mean the most to him and act as a motivation for how far he’s progressed in the music business.

Eminem has at least nine of them, each of which has a specific significance or memory related to it. He also has an image of his daughter Hailie Jade inked on his arm.

The artwork helps people focus on their jobs


If you’re a rap fan, you’ve probably discovered that rappers these days have tattoos that make them easily recognizable.

Their tats might represent anything from arcane wisdom to gang culture, which could be an effective way of marketing.

This type of body art serves as both a symbol of a personal journey and a dramatic marketing strategy to gain more fame and attention from the ads.

Rather than symbolizing gang culture, crime, and violence, our modern-day artists have given tatts a whole new meaning, such as misery, confession, or motivation. 


Tattooing makes you hurt, no matter where it is on your skin. On the other hand, our skin is extremely sensitive to any form of pain since it is densely packed with nerve cells. 

Rap artists use ink to express their physical and mental strength. They give a dominant impression towards other people who do not have such art by showing theirs.

If you have more flesh and muscle between your bones and skin, things will be less painful for you. 

Tattooing is not an easy process
Tattooing is not an easy process


Most rappers want to get their bodies tattooed because this art form reflects who they are as artists. 

Although a few rappers’ tattoos may resemble one another, it is a statement of their distinct culture, and they portray themselves through the artwork on their bodies.

Emotional component

The emotional meaning of the art is also quite important among artists who take inspiration for their works from their feelings. 

When a rapper gets his skin tattooed, it shows that he has experienced emotional ups and downs in his life.

Rap and rock artists believe that these patterns are the best answer to their problems, helping them overcome their hardships. 

Often, when we feel stressed, we change something in the hope of changing our moods, such as cutting hair or tattooing. The artists choose the second method to represent their lives. 

Such artworks do not always bring out a negative mood. Many artists ink their mother’s name on their bodies to show their respect and love. 

In the case of Bad Bunny tattoos, he gets his thigh inked for his girlfriend. The pattern looks cute and funny instead of aggressive like many others. 


According to a recent survey, having a tattoo promotes self-confidence and self-esteem.

The more tats you get, the more you’ll enjoy the image of yourself when looking in the mirror. 

Many artists agree with this idea, stating that such artworks taught them to accept and support themselves. 

The tattooed artists also claim that they have gained self-control as a result of their markings.

The art makes people more confident
The art makes people more confident

Which Rappers Are Tattoo-Free?

Tattooing is a great way for rappers to express their feelings and reflect their soul. However, not all of them have such artwork on their skin. 


T.I. Tip is a rapper, composer, and entrepreneur. His gangster style contributes to his cool image. Yet, surprisingly, the rapper never inks himself. 

Big Sean

Big Sean has worked with the biggest stars and is a fantastic rapper, but he hasn’t tried tattooing. 


Tracy Lauren Marrow, commonly known by his stage name Ice-T, is an American rapper, composer, and actor.

Before becoming an artist, Ice- T worked as a thief. Yet, he never got inked on his body.

J Cole

J Cole is notable for numerous disciplinary traits, such as not using drugs and smoking. But it’s the zero tattoos that we are talking about right now. 

Lil baby

Lil baby doesn’t want everyone to see him as a bad buy. Hence, tattooing may not be a good idea for him. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dig into this topic deeper with the following answers and questions! 

1. Does Bad Bunny have a tattoo on his face?

No, Bad Bunny doesn’t have his face tattooed. He only has one, and the Bad Bunny tattoo is on one of his thighs. 

2. Does Jay Z have a tattoo?

Jay-Z and his wife, Beyoncé, had matching tattoos. You may see the Roman number four tattooed on their ring fingers in red ink.  

3. What does a bunny tattoo represent? 

Bunny tats are a sign of good luck and wealth. They also refer to the wearer’s love of nature.

In some countries, the tat has symbolic value relating to fertility, physical power, and the divine presence in the environment.

Final Words 

Tattooing helps you reflect on yourself or show your feelings towards somebody. In the case of the Bad Bunny tattoo, he simply has a matching figure with his spouse. 

Another example is that Bad Bunny fans ink his image on their skin. They want to express how much they love their idol.

Tattooing is popular now. We hope that you make a thoughtful decision on this experience. For any further information, please feel free to ask. 

Thank you for reading!

Bad Bunny Quotes: About Life, Love & Music

Bad Bunny Quotes: About Life, Love & Music

If I had to mention artists who are most trying and at the forefront of bringing Latin and reggaeton music to music lovers, the name Bad Bunny is not complete.

This Puerto Rican male singer has been very successful with songs written in his mother tongue – Spanish, with bold social consciousness.

It can be that Bad Bunny is a person with a different musical mindset and a high sense of his duties and responsibilities.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that his statements and shares all carry a certain meaning, in which there is no shortage of inspirational shares about love, life, and work.

If you are interested in this young male singer and bad bunny quotes, this article is for you. Let’s test how much you understand Bad Bunny via his famous quotes.

Who Is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny

Born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, Bad Bunny was born and raised in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, into a middle-class family.

Bad Bunny had a special love for music from an early age, especially a rather particular genre – reggaeton (a mix of hip hop and reggae).

At that time, Bad Bunny’s idols were Daddy Yankee and Vico C. In addition, his inspiration also came from Tego Calderón Bee Gees.

However, Bad Gunny’s style is not of a famous singer and is influenced by life in the city he was born and raised in. The mundane pace of life in his hometown inspired him to compose and perform songs with catchy tunes in Spanish.

The first song that became widely known in the career of this male singer from Vega Baja was “Diles.” Released on the Soundcloud platform, Dilles has attracted many fans and brought the male singer’s first recording contract.

He continued to compose, perform, and achieve success in the years that followed. Now, he can be said to have led the music industry and is one of the most influential names in the current popularity of Latin and reggaeton music.

Not only was successful in the music field, but Bad Bunny also left a mark in fashion and acting. In particular, his fashion style is quite remarkable when it is a harmonious combination of masculinity with some feminine features such as a nail polish long skirt.

Bad Bunny Quotes

Bad Bunny is a male singer with a new musical mindset, strange fashion sense, and a high sense of self.

The above personality traits have been revealed at least once through direct statements to the press or indirectly through lyrics written in Spanish:

Bad Bunny quotes about life.

quotes about life
quotes about life

With practical experiences, Bad Bunny has made his conclusions about life and behavior. And although all statements are factual, the male singer’s way of seeing and communicating is still positive surely; the following quotes can inspire you.

  • “Lo malo pasó, el tiempo es mi doctor… la vida es una movie, soy mi propio director”: Bad things happened, time is my doctor. Life is a movie, and I am my director.
  • “Ya yo perdí la fe de que tu mejores, si después de la lluvia sale el arcoíris pero sin colores”: I have lost faith that you will make progress, if after the rain a rainbow appeared but without color.
  • Aprendí a tratar hasmo me tratan y a dar la misma importancia que me dan: What you can’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your mouth.
  • A veces para sonreír or que llorar: Sometimes to smile you have to cry.
  • Cada sonrisa tiene una historia y cada Lágrima un recuerdo: Every smile has a story and every tear a memory
  • Nunca dejes de intentar solo por miedo a equivocarte: Never stop trying because you’re afraid of being wrong.
  • “Te conecen 2, y te critican 5, así es la vida”: 5 people know you, two accept you, this is life.

Bad Bunny quotes about love.

quotes about love
quotes about love

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio has composed quite a few love songs. It can be that love is a topic that never gets old for the male singer.

Why are these Spanish-language love songs of this Puerto Rican singer able to move millions of people? It is impossible not to mention the male singer’s very honest and photo sharing about this most wonderful affection.

Here are some Bad Bunny love quotes that you will surely agree with:

  • “En la disco habían mil, y yo bailando contigo en mi mente”: There are thousands of people in the disco, and I’m dancing with you in my mind.
  • “Tu me dejaste el cuerpo caliente, infierno. Pero me dejaste el corazón frío, invierno”: You let my body always burn like hell. But you made my heart cold as winter.
  • “No me comiste el corazón ya yo lo tenia coloyou”: You did not take my heart, I already have it.
  • “Si las miradas mataran, la Tuya me hizo el amor”: If looks can kill, your looks can.
  • “La luna cae y yo te extraño mas que ayer. Dime si vas a volver que yo te quiero tener”: The moon falls; I miss you more than yesterday. Let me know if you want to come back, that I wish you.
  • “Uno mismo se rompe el corazón haciendose falsas ilusiones”: People break their own hearts with false illusions.

Bad Bunny quotes about music and career.

About music and career
About music and career

Bad Bunny once expressed that, for people who are not successful, a large part of the reason comes from their not working hard.

With the same mindset, he has constantly made efforts in many different fields, from music and movies to fashion.

He has had an admirable career, is successful in many fields, and is fully qualified to share his views on work and success with you confidently. 

In particular, Bad Bunny is happy to be asked about music – his greatest love.

Specifically, the male singer has not less than once expressed to the press his love and enthusiasm for music:

  • “If tomorrow I want to release a rock album or I want to release a bachata album, nobody can tell me anything – why can’t it?”.
  • “The fame isn’t important to me. It’s a blessing to have. Having so many people who support me, love me, and listen to my music is beautiful.”.
  • “We need to unite audiences, unite countries, join musical tastes, unite people”.
  • “I don’t want to be fake; I’m just being me. And I have the power to break stereotypes and whatever useless rules that society put on us”.
  • “If I have a platform and a voice, I should use it for my people”.
  • “I think that the blessings come by staying true to myself and making music from my heart.”
  • “No lloras por la musica sino por lo que te hace recordar”: you don’t cry because of the music; you cry because of what the music reminds you of.

Bad Bunny Quotes about personality.

As mentioned, Bad Bunny has its unique style. He stands out from many other Latin singers by singing songs in Spanish instead of using English to make it easier to reach his fans. 

He is also known for his unique fashion sense where gender lines are blurred.

It can be that the male singer makes constant efforts to affirm his personality and also does not hesitate to share his views on his personality in front of the media or his works.

Some impressive quotes from the male singer about his personality can be as follows:

  • “Mientras ustedes me maldicen el de arriba me bendice”: While you curse me, the gods above bless me.
  • “Aprendí a tratar como me tratan y a dar la misma importancia que me dan”: I treat them the way they treat me and value them the same way they did me.
  • “Para hablar de mi te sobra lengua pero para ser yo te faltan huevos”: To talk about me you will use up all your words, but for me, you do not have a shadow.
  • “Soy una gran persona y quien no me sepa valorar es mejor que me pierda”: I am a wonderful person. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate me would rather lose me.
  • “Me encantan los rumores sobre eyelid, me entero de cosas que ni yo sabía, que había hecho”: I love rumors about me – things I didn’t even know I did.


How many bad bunny quotes can you recount in the list above? What is the most impressive and inspirational quote for you? And do you have any more favorite sayings of Bad Bunny that you would like to share with us?

Leave your answer in the comment section because there are sure to be many people who want to share with you the inspirational quotes from the multi-talented Latin male singer Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio.

Bad Bunny Face Items – Best Ideas To Upgrade Your Style 

Bad Bunny Bunny Logo Hoodie Black

Bad Bunny face is an iconic pattern that you can easily see on online ads. If you are a fan of this rapper, do not hesitate to include one in your wardrobe.

Today, El ultimo tour del mundo shop will focus on some items and face masks with his face or signature printed. Let’s read through!

Bad Bunny Face Printed Items 

Bad Bunny is a fashionista who has inspired a lot of designers in the clothing business to come up with unique ideas.

You can’t find all Bad Bunny face printed items on your browser because there are millions of them.

Here are the top choices in these categories:


Hoodies always stay on the top list of hottest items. They fit all genders and ages thanks to their simplicity.


We guarantee everyone looks good in a cool T-shirt. You can wear it to watch your idol’s performance at his new concerts or walk down the street with your friends.


Sneakers never get old. They can become your toys to express your personality with customized patterns.

Printing your favorite rapper’s face on your footwear is a great idea to upgrade it to the next level.


Caps bring a “swag” vibe to the wearer. The signature of your idol printed on the item makes it more amazing.

Bad Bunny Bunny Logo Hoodie Black
Bad Bunny Bunny Logo Hoodie Black

Bad Bunny Face Mask 

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, face masks have become one of the indispensable accessories that everyone wears for medical purposes.

Google analytics knows what you need. It helps you buy your favorite items easily after signing in to your account and adjusting the settings to optimize your search.


The price varies a lot, except when the products have similar technologies and come from the same brand.

Money is not a big concern. Amazon and Etsy sell them at a low price ranging from $10 to $20, depending on the materials. The shipping fee adds up to the cost.

When you Google the item, there would be more related searches and ads that lead to other deals as well as details. The results may vary based on your browser settings.


Although you can’t do much with the shape of the masks, the ideas for their patterns are unlimited. So, feel free to choose your favorite accessories.

The best designs include:

  • Bunny Face

Advertising tools will prioritize this design first because it’s what users search for the most.

  • The third eye

Bad Bunny and his third eye were the spotlights of any event he joined. This iconic eye reminds everyone of this rapper without even mentioning his name.

  • Cartoon Bad Bunny

Google ads also highly recommend this Bad Bunny mask. Its beauty is that the cartoon images can make everything cute and stunning while remaining the original design.

Face Mask Mask Air Pollution Pollution Mask
Face Mask Mask Air Pollution Pollution Mask

Final Words 

Imagine putting on a face mask with a Bad Bunny vibe. Isn’t it cool? Designers get your point and provide numerous options widely accessible in the fashion business.

We hope that you can choose your favorite and put it on proudly. If you want more information about your purchase, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

Everything About Bad Bunny Fashion [Famous Items & His Favorite Styles]

Hoodies are an example of masculinity concept

Bad Bunny fashion is a hot topic anytime he shows up. As a star in Latin-trap rap, he undoubtedly influences the public’s awareness of vogue.

Today, we will discuss the rapper’s famous items and his fashion sense. Then, you can try to dress like him to look cool.

Bad Bunny Fashion: Famous Items

No matter if Bad Bunny was attending American music awards or just walking down the street, Getty Images captured many iconic moments to highlight Bad Bunny’s fashion style.

Since the launch of his breakthrough single “Soy Peor,” the artist has had a slew of styles, all of which have a common thread of insanity and creativity.

The rapper likes bright colors, making him stand out even on the red carpet. Getty Images also took some pics of him in black outfits. Any photo on this site is badass.

Here are some of the most famous items that establish the rapper’s fashion image.

Channeling Yeezy

If there is one thing Ye and Bad Bunny have in common, it must be that they’re both not shy to experiment with their styles.

The Latin rapper is emulating his contemporary’s famous style in this shot. Getty Images has posted many such pictures and inspired rap fans.

With its massive moon-boot-like design, the Adidas YEEZY outfit doesn’t involve much dressing up, yet he managed to mix it with an equally fancy red tracksuit.

Big puffer jackets

Getty Images also found some moments of Bad Bunny in big puffer jackets, which are a popular item for rappers.

The boxy-fitting puffy jacket and wide-leg trousers combo look relatively conventional compared to some of the rapper’s previous shenanigans on the red carpet.

His futuristic boots, which resemble cushions for the feet, and a pair of retro-style sunglasses, though, guarantee that it is a design fitting the Puerto Rican artist.

Puffer jackets are popular items among rappers
Puffer jackets are popular items among rappers

Black coat

This case, according to Getty Images, is an example of a rapper not wearing a brightly colored suit but still shining.

A winning solution is to combine yellow elements with a predominately black suit. When fully clothed, the rapper turns out to be a real gentleman.

Bad Bunny has been playing with androgynous attire in his wardrobe, donning crop tops and even skirts. He continued his experiments at the Grammy Music Awards.

A long black coat he wrapped above the artist’s knee met the hem of his long black dress.

The artist only wore a Burberry hat, yellow-lensed eyeglasses, and a sunflower for accessories. They matched perfectly in the black color palette.

Clashing prints

And here is another example of Bad Bunny’s red carpet styling brilliance taken from Getty Images.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with this outfit because it’s so full of contrasts owing to the clashing patterns and colors.

JW Anderson’s woolen neckband keeps the artist’s neck warm. Meanwhile, a camp-collar shirt with three different graphics reveals the upper part of his chest.

The charm of this outfit is its chaos. If your denim jacket is getting old, try something different like this outfit.

Chaos is an interesting concept
Chaos is an interesting concept

Gucci Suit

Allessandro Michele’s flamboyant printed suit remained on the chart-topping artist in 2017 and 2018.

Getty Images could have chosen from a variety of Gucci moments, but in this case, he was casually standing alongside a red Ferrari that complements his red shoes to make a perfect flex.


The Puerto Rican singer-rapper rarely appears in public without a pair of sunglasses. Find any photo of him and you mostly see him with this accessory.

He makes the most of his obsession: The Bad Bunny sunglasses collection is broad and never dull.

You can easily see this accessory in his live performance outfits, Youtube music videos, and even his regular life. Getty Images has taken thousands of pictures of him wearing different items.

Some of the most well-known eyewear designers that the rapper has worn include:

  • Giorgio Armani
  • Moschino by Persol
  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Jacques Marie Mage
  • Tiffany & Co.

Getty Images assures that the list goes on and on. According to this web, a dynamic person like Bad Bunny can put on anything and make it look classy.

A pair of glasses is his signature
A pair of glasses is his signature

What Is Bad Bunny’s Fashion Style? 

It’s easy to identify the rapper’s favorite items if you know his styles, which include luxury, masculinity, and, notably mentioned, femininity.


As you see on Getty Images, Bad Bunny’s image is as diverse as the genres to which he refers to. The items that suit him most are:

  • The semi-nude women and golden chains that symbolize the mainstream rap;
  • The luxury streetwear and flash accessories made for Instagram;
  • The vividly patterned shirts and overall flamboyance that we can trace back decades to Puerto Rico’s dance scenes.

His favorite brands include Gucci and Adidas. Both of them are famous for their glossy outfits and accessories.

When attending formal events like the American Music Awards, the rapper, of course, chooses this way of mixing his clothes.


Luxurious accessories create a formal look
Luxurious accessories create a formal look


Hoodies, jeans, shorts, and coats all belong to this category. Bad Bunny puts on these items when he hangs out with friends, in his music videos, and sometimes for music awards. You can easily find a photo in this vibe on Getty Images.

Masculinity is the most frequent style that a cool person like him opts for, owing to its simplicity. However, he may customize his items to make them look badass.


Hoodies are an example of masculinity concept
Hoodies are an example of masculinity concept


The Puerto Rican singer wore women’s clothes to promote women’s rights in “Yo Perreo Sola,” the most badass MV.

When it comes to males in entertainment, embracing “feminine” aesthetics and the occasional hint of gender flexibility aren’t new.

For the sake of androgyny, numerous scenes and genres have pushed long hair and cosmetics while also allowing artists to play hyper-masculine rap star roles.

However, Bad Bunny’s stylistic risks are notable because they come with a Latin American masculine culture, where parents educate their sons from an early age to reject anything, even a little feminine.

From the collection of Getty Images, you can even see the artist wear a long, sexy dress with painted fingernails.

Bad Bunny rarely dresses in this style, but we honorably mentioned it because of its meaning and influence on society.


The rapper uses his outfits to support women's rights
The rapper uses his outfits to support women’s rights

Is Bad Bunny A Fashion Icon? 

Bad Bunny has been a well-known figure in the fashion industry for his aesthetic and presentation through apparel and accessories.

Bad Bunny is a Latin-trap rapper from Puerto Rico who has built a name for himself in the style and entertainment sectors. He’s become one of the most successful Latinx artists in just 3 years.

You can see him on stage, in his MVs, on Getty Images, wearing anything from acrylic nails, ornate sunglasses, flashy jewelry, and unique designs.

Bad Bunny takes on red carpets in this incredibly weird outfit. He even wore an SSS World Corp skull top with a third eye glued to his forehead to join the American Music Awards.

Final Words

Bad Bunny fashion reflects who this rap star is. Hence, you can easily notice a rebellious, cool, and manly vibe in his outfits.

Hopefully, this post has helped you picture how the rapper dresses, and he uses his fashion sense to get others’ attention.

Thank you for stopping by!

Why Does Bad Bunny Logo Work? A Detailed Explain

Bad Bunny is a famous rap singer and he was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He has always worked hard and tried every day to bring the audience quality songs in his development career. 

As a result, he has also won himself a few outstanding music awards, most notably the Latin Grammy Award.

So what is the relationship between private life and the bad bunny logo? His current stage name comes from childhood memories. 

As a child, he wore bad rabbit ears when misbehaving. Talking more deeply about memory is a funny, touching story and shows how much his origin and background mean to the artist.

For more clarification on this topic, I will give relevant information about Bad Bunny Logo and how it works. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information!

Who Is Bad Bunny?

Who Is Bad Bunny
Who Is Bad Bunny

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio aka Bunny. He is a Puerto Rican rapper, record producer, actor, and professional wrestler. Her music is often novel, combining different genres, including rock, bachata, and soul.

His popularity doesn’t simply come from his talent and vocals but also his eclectic fashion sense. In the crowd, he always stands out and is attractive. He has always collaborated with other famous artists such as J Balvin, Farruko, and Residente in a bad rabbit in American Latin Grammy.

With him, nothing is too difficult. He always strives for unique ideas throughout his development and hopes to bring many new musical experiences to the audience. 

The rapper has successfully impressed a large audience and received many valuable music awards by trying and going up with his talent.

To talk about the bad bunny logo it’s a long story. 

It is from the male singer’s humorous and meaningful past. The bad bunny’s logo is a minimalist image, where the long bunny ears are, and a plus sign replaces the eyes with album covers. 

Overall, the icon is a powerful, contemporary image that accurately reflects the male singer’s personality and past. If you want to know more about this bad bunny’s logo feature, the information below is for you.

Bad Bunny Logo Evolution

The logo is what Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio is most proud of. It helps his music and fashion products with long ears become more prominent in the eyes of the bad rabbit audience. 

The bad bunny logo has a simple, easy-to-see design with simple colors, and it is important to recognize and honor the individuality and reflect the male singer’s artistic approach.

Learn about the evolution of bad bunny logos in development career and its abstract side. From the first days of its appearance, this icon did not impress viewers with the rapper’s character. It was even for a long time.

But, with his talent and confidence, the rapper brought it to life and became a distinctive bad bunny logo colors for the male singer’s singing career.

The icon is a contoured image of a head, with a face done in minimalism. 

Instead of being lively and stylized like other icons, this rapper has chosen minimalism for its icon. It allows to realistically reflect the male singer’s youthful personality and dynamic style. 

At the same time, the icon is also a perfect representation of his musical essence.

How Does Bad Bunny Logo Work?

How Does Bad Bunny Logo Work?
How Does Bad Bunny Logo Work?

Bad Bunny became more famous and known in 2013. Since then, it has become an indispensable logo in music scene and fashion. Regarding the specific operation, here are the details for you.


The Bunny, who once got an American Latin Grammy, owns a simple, unfussy, and patterned design. It is minimalist in many different details and parts with the sharp lines. 

Instead of using the logo colors to decorate the positions is completely unnecessary. White and black tones are the main colors of this logo.

Despite minimizing many details, he is valuable to the audience to help them identify their idol wherever they are. On the other hand, they can also see through the male singer’s humorous childhood memories.


The exclusivity is what I admire most about these bad bunny logo. It is impressive and unlike any other icon, I have ever seen. It is the novelty that has made the icon more attractive and captivated many audiences by sharp lines and stage name.


Created with simple details, it is not too difficult for the viewer to remember it. Even if it’s only for a few seconds, we can still remember and redraw them with 90% accuracy. 

This feature is useful so that more people can like the bunny’s logo and rapper’s character.


The icon is modern and bold, a harmonious combination of graphics and text, used separately to create a unique attraction for the overall logo. Icon set to two lines, written in bold and airy sans-serif uppercase with trap artist. 

Meanwhile, for the font, it’s custom handwritten brush lettering that looks quite similar to Cry Wolf Italic and Italic bone Knuckle, but it has bolder lines and narrower letters.

In terms of color, the male singer uses black and white to make the look luxurious, strong, and bright. At the same time, it is also a unique idea to help the assert its success and personality.

The appeal of the icon is undeniable. It expresses harmony and attraction, making the viewer feel light and easy to remember.


Flexibility is typical in this bad bunny’s template. It is more special than all other icon templates in design, color, expression style, and symbolic meaning.




Looking back at the icon, we will see its specialness. Although created very simply, with the details omitted significantly, it has a great meaning in this bad bunny symbol.

It is a valuable one that allows a true reflection of the male singer’s growth, personal style, and memory.

For a wide audience, it’s probably the only thing that identifies idols in major news articles or in featured music shows.

The elements in the one are all created with certain minimalism. The rabbit’s eyes and mouth are by a plus sign and a large dot.

Shape And Symbols

The uniqueness of the logo’s design is the highlight that helps it successfully capture the audience’s hearts. Also, color is extremely important to contribute to this particular image.

Black Color

Black is used for the outlines to give the bad rabbit a certain shape. It helps express the male singer’s personality, strong style, and musical nature.

White color

Meanwhile, white is for the blank part of the rabbit’s face. It helps create ventilation and coolness, making it easy to identify the overall.


Above is some information about the Bad Bunny logo that you need to refer to. Hopefully, this information will help you better understand the bad bunny symbol and have the right view of the memory of this talented male singer. Enjoy my article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

8 Sites To Get Cartoon Bad Bunny Vectors And How To Use  

Background Pattern Pinterest Images Pinterest Icon

Bad Bunny fans never get tired of searching for his high-quality images and printing them everywhere. If you are among them, this article is what you need. 

Today, El ultimo tour del mundo shop will recommend the best sites where you can check and download cartoon Bad Bunny vectors. Let’s join us! 

Who Is Bad Bunny? 

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper that has a global following. He started to upload his songs on SoundCloud during his college days. 

Unlike other performers who changed to English to expand their fan bases, he made a hit while composing and performing in his native Spanish.  

Rather than trying to contract with big record labels, Bad Bunny and his manager, Noah Assad, developed a strategy to gain popularity by uploading tracks on YouTube. They received feedback from fans to improve the next products’ quality. 

Bad Bunny is also famous for his unique sense of style, and he has designed apparel and footwear for Adidas.

He added his own touch to a line of glow-in-the-dark Crocs, which sold out rapidly after their launch.

Where Can You Find Cartoon Bad Bunny Vectors?

Bad Bunny is a public figure that inspires many designers. You can easily search for his cartoon vectors and relevant results on the internet. 

You will have the best experience surfing and downloading your favorite vectors, no matter what browser you use. All you have to do is sign in to a login account and search for the categories you like. 

Many sites provide illustrations of high quality. Here are our recommendations. Let’s read through! 


Freepik is a visual resource library with its own production firm with over 10 million creative graphics.

Once you sign in to your login account, you can download PSDs and photos among the content established and distributed by the platform. 

The archived cookies help you locate your interests next time you visit the site, making your experience much easier. 

Simply log in to your account
Simply log in to your account


When searching for image-related keywords, you must come across ads about Shutterstock. Depending on your settings, there may be even more results about it. 

Businesses, ads agencies, and media organizations may acquire this massive library’s photographs, drawings, vectors, video, and audio.

To license its content, the site works directly with over 80,000 contributing creators, including photographers and illustrators from all around the world.


Depositphotos is a stock photo website and agency that provides royalty-free photographs in various areas.

You can find the cartoon images of your idol right here. When you sign in to your account, tons of recommendations pop up on the screen. All you have to do now is to continue your activities there until you pick the best vector. 


VectorStock is a niche stock agency that presents the greatest vector-only pictures, graphics, symbols, and drawings.

All of the sources found on this platform are available for royalty-free download at shockingly low pricing.

How can you access the resources? The site only requires you to log in, and there you go! 

Log in and there you go
Log in and there you go


Free vector pictures, graphics, vector art, clipart, drawings, and high-resolution stock photos may all be available here.

One of the best things is that the materials found on this site are free, as its name implies. Simply sign in to your account and download your favorite content. You can also right-click on your download vector to adjust its settings.  


You may have seen hundreds of ads about this platform. They help you understand how dominant it is among users. 

Pinterest is a social network and image-sharing platform that allows users to save and explore content on the internet.

In the format of pinboards, the site features photos, animated GIFs, and even clips.

Although there are various tools to use, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand how this platform works. Just log in and enjoy the graphic there.

Google uses data and cookies to save your actions on the site. Hence, you will see the pictures from the same topic you have searched on Pinterest. 

Background Pattern Pinterest Images Pinterest Icon
Background Pattern Pinterest Images Pinterest Icon


iStock, founded in Canada, is a digital royalty-free, multinational microstock picture provider.

In exchange for royalties, illustrators, designers, and photographers worldwide contribute their artwork to iStock libraries.

You need to log in to your account to save the chosen image on your device. Some pics require a purchased membership. 


PNGtree is the largest website dedicated to offering free PNG image material in the globe.

Pngtree offers free PNG, PNG pictures, backdrops, and vector downloads. There are millions of materials you check here. 

Just sign in to your login account and be ready to spend hours browsing high-quality images of your idol on this famous site. 

Final Words 

There are tons of sources to get the vectors you like. You can also google your favorite image and check the ads for more ideas.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!